About us

Ogre Development Association (OAB) was founded on February 28, 2008. OAB was founded with the aim to promote the balanced development of Ogre region, prepare and implement various development projects, concepts and programs, promote the formation of civil society, implement measures in tourism, lifelong learning, culture, health promotion, entrepreneurship, innovation, social and other areas, promote cooperation and experience exchange between state, local government, private and public institutions at the local, national and international level, to take over and implement examples of “good practice” in the region, to transfer the experience of the associations “good practice” to other interested parties. 

OAB’s main resource is its members. OAB brings together a variety of professionals – architects, artists, financiers, managers and others – and is an important indicator of an organisation’s ability and capacity. 

Since 2016, OAB has been implementing projects aimed primarily at the local community, its actions and changes of opinion to encourage co-responsible action in preserving the local cultural heritage, for example, by organizing forums to promote public awareness of the design and architectural environment in Ogre. We tell about cultural and historical values, history and the environment in an interesting way, for example, in the form of exploratory expeditions / walks. Through knowledge, information and discussions, and our activity and example, we encourage change, immersion and co-responsibility.

Since the establishment of the association, regular contacts have been maintained with individual NGOs in the Riga suburbs regions, as well as cooperation with NGOs in Estonia, Ukraine and Ireland